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Gold British Royal Mint Gold Standard 1 oz. 2021 Gem/BU

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Historical First Year of Issuance

Coin Highlights:

  • Backed for Authenticity by The British Government 
  • Issued by the World’s Oldest Mint
  • Issue Year: 2021
  • IRA Eligible Sovereign Coin 
  • 1 oz .9999 Fine Gold
  • 10 coins per tube/ 100 Coins per Box
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Struck by The World’s Oldest Mint this unique release celebrates the “Gold Standard” monetary system wherein the value of a country’s money is tied to the amount of gold the country possesses. Anyone holding that country’s paper money could present it to the government and receive an agreed value (par value) from the country’s gold reserves. 

The Gold Standard was established in 1816 by the Coinage Act, which defined the value of  Britain’s money relative to gold. Britain led the way and was the first country in the modern era to adopt the standard. Other European and Western countries soon followed, including the United States and Canada. Up until the First World War, the Gold Standard encouraged stability in prices, and now more than ever before, the World yearns for its return! Celebrate a return to reality with this gorgeous non-CUSIP historical masterpiece.   


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Gold British Royal Mint Gold Standard 1 oz. 2021 Gem/BU
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