About Brighton Gold

An Established Record of Excellence

Brighton Gold, a prominent player in the retail market for coins and precious metals, prides itself on serving a diverse clientele. Our expertise extends to aiding individuals in establishing gold or silver IRAs and providing the general public with direct sales opportunities.

Boasting a combined market experience spanning over 75 years, the Brighton Gold team is a repository of market wisdom and insight. Our expansive network across the United States has enabled us to construct a comprehensive supplier database. This network is our cornerstone, ensuring we consistently offer an extensive selection of premium silver, gold, palladium, and platinum coins. Our competitive pricing strategy is a testament to these robust connections.

What Sets Brighton Gold Apart?

At the heart of our operations is a deep appreciation for the inherent value of limited-strike bullion and coins. While the market is saturated with common offerings, Brighton Gold distinguishes itself by meticulously tracking market trends to identify items with substantial growth potential and lasting value for our clients. Our well-established reputation and unparalleled dependability in the sector afford us the flexibility to work with a diverse range of dealers and suppliers. This agility not only enhances our inventory but also liberates us from pricing limitations. As a result, Brighton Gold consistently delivers superior pricing, exceptional coin selections, and beneficial buyback terms, outshining our competitors.

Our commitment at Brighton Gold extends beyond transactions; we aim to achieve absolute customer satisfaction. In an industry crowded with dealers, we believe our unique blend of extensive knowledge, discreet service, and attentive customer care sets us apart. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to coin collection, our dedication to your needs remains unwavering, making Brighton Gold a trusted partner in your investment journey.

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